Signature Day Spa

Facial Treatment


Deep Cleansing Facial - $45

            Customized to your skin type; the face is cleansed & exfoliated with a gentle stream of steam.  Thereupon, oxidants are manually extracted.


Glycolic Facial - $60

            Age defying, deep cleaning treatment removes build-up of dead cells & pigmentation spots, as well as diminishing wrinkles.


European Luxury Facial - $75

            A deep cleansing by steam envelopment is followed by exfoliation & extractions.  A gentle shoulder massage is executed to release tension as the skin is rehydrated with a customized treatment masque.


Algae Seaweed Facial - $70

            A deep cleansing by steam envelopment is followed by exfoliation & extractions.  A seaweed masque is applied to tone, detoxify and rehydrate the skin while the shoulders are massaged for relaxation.



Eye Lash Extensions


Eye lash extensions (clusters) - $40

Eye lash extensions (individual) - $120





Manicure + Pedicure + Eyebrow = $3 off

Full set + Pedicure + Eyebrow = $5 off

Refill + Pedicure + Eyebrow = $3 off



Spa Pedicure Treatment


Mint Eucalyptus Pedicure - $40

            Start with soaking of the feet in a warm mint Sea Salt.  Next, the feet are exfoliated with a sand mix of mint eucalyptus potion.  Thereupon, a cooling masque is applied to restore the pores, followed by a peppermint moisturizing lotion massage.


Antifungal Mint & Tea Tree Pedicure - $55

            Our 4-step treatment provides the known benefits of tea tree essential oil – natural antiseptic, antibacterial & antifungal properties, as well as a clean, refreshing scent.


Lavender / Green Tea Pedicure - $55

            Feet are soaked in green tea extract & mint with an assortment of multi-colored rose petals.  A Dead Sea Salt mixed with Lavender or Green Tea Essential Oil is strenuously massage deep into the skin followed by a 10 minutes warm hydrate masque & exfoliates the feet.  Lastly, Lavender or Green Tea Oil is massaged deeply into the skin, leaving the skin smooth & rejuvenated.


Chocolate / Coffee Latte Pedicure - $55

            A warm bath containing goat milk, almond oil & baking soda is used to relax.  The Skin is exfoliated using a mixture of coco oil & Kenyan Arabica Coffee bean oil extracts.  Then, a warm coco masque is applied to detoxify and rejuvenate the skin.

Lastly, coco oil is massaged in an intense manner into the skin and muscle to render a fully therapeutic, long lasting effect.


Signature Citrus Pedicure - $55

            A soaking bath containing orange, lime & tangerine slices mixed with botanical oil & rose petals starts the treatment.  Then, a potion with the same 3 fresh cuts of citrus fruits are mixed with Dead Sea Salt & combined with the same 3 citrus oils is massaged from knees to toes.  Lastly, an exotic shea butter, blended with essential oils is deeply massaged into the skin from knees to toes.



Spa Manicure Treatment


Sport Spa Manicure - $17

            A hand scrub is applied and followed by an extra strength nail hardener to protect the nails for the toughest of house choirs or recreational events. An invigorating cream cools the forearms & hands at last.


Lavender or Green Tea Manicure - $27

            A soaking solution containing rose petals is followed by exfoliation with Dead Sea salt mixed with a choice or Lavender or Green Tea Essential Oil.  A hydrating masque exfoliates & renews your hands.



Massage Therapy


Full Body Massage (30 – 60 Minutes) - $35 to $65

Deep Tissue Massage - $75

Hot Stone Massage - $80


 Full Body Treatment


Seaweed Body Wrap - $65

            Fat burning seaweed wrap improves circulation & detoxifies.  Results in tone, glowing skin.


Dead Sea Salt Glow - $65

            Botanical oils & Dead Sea salt are applied to the body, stimulating circulation, exfoliating without irritating the skin, leaving it soft with light sheen.


Green Tea Algae Body Masque - $70

            Dead Sea Salts exfoliate the skin, preparing it for the algae masque, a high potent herbal and deep-sea therapy for healing & detoxifying.  Ultra-hydrating body lotion with shea butter, aloe vera and milk protein is the final touch.



Nail Extensions


Acrylic full set - $30 & up

Acrylic fill in - $20

Acrylic Crystal powder add - $5


Pink & White Powder - $55

Pink & White fill - $40

Pink fill - $25


CGN Gel full set - $45

CGN Gel fill in - $30


CGN Pink & White set - $60

CGN Pink & White fill - $45

CGN Pink - $30


Silk full set - $55

Silk fill in - $30


Manicure - $12

Pedicure - $30

Manicure & Pedicure - $40

French Manicure & Pedicure - $50

Teen Mani & Pedi (up to 15) - $30 

Hand Polish Change - $8 & up

Toe Polish Change - $10 & up

Take off - $5 & up


Body Waxing


Eye Brows - $10

Upper Lip - $8

Chin - $10

Side of Face - $15 & up

Under Arm - $20

Arms - $35

Bikini - $35

Full Leg - $70

Upper or Lower leg - $50

Half leg & Bikini - $70

Full leg & Bikini - $90

Back - $40

Brazilian - $60



Detox Foot Spa


Detox Foot spa (30 minutes) - $35

The ion ionic detox aqua foot bath is high technology detoxifying system and you will see amazing results. The entire system utilizes bio-energy, the vital energy force present in the breath of bodily fluids. Bio-energy is an electro-magnetic force stored by the body and later utilized by the body's cells. This very powerful energy exists within every human being; however, it is often not recognized. Many Chinese medicine experts refer to bio-energy as the "chi". Acknowledgement and exercising of the chi allows our bodies’ energy fields to completely align leading to decreased stress levels, better sleep and improved oxygen levels.

This foot bath is often used to boost energy levels (physical and mental), while increasing stamina and vitality throughout the day. The advanced spa system also detoxifies the body of impure toxins such as air pollution, radiation, synthetics and any other damaging material that gets trapped under the skin throughout the day. The foot bath stimulates the bodies natural detoxification process. Regular use of the foot bath promotes internal body cleansing including liver detoxification, less fluid retention, reduced inflammation, improved memory and alertness, a highly balanced pH level, strengthened immune system and a notable decrease in ailments including headaches, sinus problems and arthritis pain.


 Spa Packages


Special Day of Pampering - $176

            Sports Spa Manicure, Eucalyptus Mint Pedicure, Seaweed or European Facial, Seaweed Body wrap or Massage.


Be Beautiful - $213

            Hot stone massage, European luxury Facial, Lavender or Green Tea Manicure or Coffee latte Pedicure.


Signature Special - $121

            Express Manicure, Express Pedicure, 30 minutes massage, Deep Cleanse Facial, Eyebrow wax.


Sweetheart Package - $126

            European Facial, Dead Sea Salt Glow or 60 Minutes Massage.


Mini Spa Package - $109

            Mint Eucalyptus pedicure, Sports Spa Manicure & 60 Minutes Massage.





Manicure + Pedicure + Eyebrow = $3 off

Full Set + Pedicure + Eyebrow = $5 off

Refill + Pedicure + Eyebrow = $3 off


Bridal party, Girls night out, Birthday or Company party (5 people & up gets 10% off)

Any packages (3 items) $85 & up gets 10% off


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